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How long does it take for my subscriptions to be completed?

Depending on the fund, orders transacted on or before the cut-off time will be completed as follows:

FundTurnaround Time*
ATRAM Alpha Opportunity FundT+1
ATRAM Asia Equity Opportunity Feeder FundT+2
ATRAM Asian Multi-Asset Income FundT+2
ATRAM Global Allocation Feeder Fund (Php)T+2
ATRAM Global Bond Income Feeder Fund (PHP)T+2
ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feeder Fund (PHP)T+2
ATRAM Global Dividend Feeder Fund (PHP)T+2
ATRAM Global Equity Opportunity Feeder Fund (Php)T+2
ATRAM Global Financials Feeder Fund (PHP)T+2
ATRAM Global Health Care Feeder FundT+2
ATRAM Global Infrastructure  Equity Feeder FundT+2
ATRAM Global Multi-Asset Income Feeder Fund (Php)T+2
ATRAM Global Technology Feeder Fund T+2
ATRAM Peso Money Market FundT+1
ATRAM Peso Diversified Income FundT+1
ATRAM Phil Equity Smart Index Fund T+1
ATRAM Philippine Balanced FundT+1
ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity FundT+1
ATRAM Philippine Sustainable Development and Growth Fund (A Unit Class)T+1
ATRAM Total Return Peso Bond FundT+1
ATRAM Unicapital Diversified Growth Fund, Inc T+1

*Turnaround Time = Transaction Date + Business Day/s

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