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What is Client Risk Rating?

1 – Conservative. Conservative investors are willing to accept little to no volatility in their investment portfolios. Often, retirees who have spent decades building a nest egg are unwilling to allow any type of risk to their principal.
2 – Moderately Conservative. Moderately Conservative investors value principal preservation, but is comfortable accepting a small degree of risk and volatility to seek some degree of appreciation.
3 – Moderate. Moderate investors accept some risk to the principal but adopt a balanced approach with intermediate-term time horizons of five to 10 years.
4 – Moderately Aggressive. Moderately Aggressive investors primarily value higher long-term returns and is willing to accept significant risk. This investor believes higher long-term returns are more important than protecting principal.
5 – Aggressive. Aggressive investors tend to be market-savvy. A deep understanding of securities and their propensities allows such individuals and institutional investors to purchase highly volatile instruments.

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