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What is Investment Market Value (IMV)?

The Investment Market Value (IMV) is the current valuation of your portfolio based on the market value of each investment product. To compute for your IMV, follow the steps below:

1. Deduct the “Cost of Investment” from the “Market Value” (Market Value – Cost of Investment)
The resulting value is your “Gains/Earnings”.
2. To compute for your percentage or rate of your earnings, just divide “Gains/Earnings” over “Cost of Investment” (Gains/Earnings / Cost of Investment)

Please see sample computation below:

Market Value : 53,000.00
Cost of Investment : 50,000.00
Gains/Earnings : 3,000.00
Gains/Earnings (in %) : 0.06 or 6.0%

If you have further questions or concerns, please let us know through the link below.

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