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An investment process grounded on research

Our on-the-ground industry and asset specialists make sure that we deliver products based on a comprehensive, systematic and repeatable investment process.

That is why we are widely recognized as the industry leader in asset management in the Philippines.

A platform for growth

Risk management is a primary consideration in our investment process and is an integral part of our investment process. Our goal is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Our expert financial managers and systems make sure that your portfolio risk is monitored carefully to reduce volatility in times of market instability.


Our team of senior officers and investment professionals have decades of industry experience in asset management. This wealth of talent and experience allows us to come up with unique products and solutions that provide real diversification and help to achieve our clients ’ financial objectives.

Chief Executive Officer, ATRAM Group
President & Managing Director, ATR Asset Management, Inc.

President and CEO, Asset and Wealth Management, ATRAM Trust Corporation

Chief Executive Officer, ATRAM Digital

Chief Governance Officer, ATRAM Group

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Michael Ferrer

Chief Executive Officer, ATRAM Group
President & Managing Director, ATR Asset Management, Inc.

Mike is the current Chief Executive Officer of ATRAM Group and President & Managing Director of ATR Asset Management, Inc. and has 31 years of experience in banking, asset management, and private equity. He is currently the Chairman of the Philippine Investment Funds Association (PIFA) and has been since 2019. He was the President of the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines (FMAP) in 2011-2012 and current member of its Advisory Board.

Prior to ATRAM, he spent 15 years with ING Bank N.V. , with highest position as Regional General Manager for ING Investment Management for Southeast Asia, as well as stints as Country Manager and CEO for ING Investment Management Philippines and ING Investment Management Taiwan.


Phillip Frederick Hagedorn

President and CEO, Asset and Wealth Management, ATRAM Trust Corporation

Mr. Hagedorn, has over 32 years of experience in equities and asset management. He was the Chief Investment Officer of ATRAM Trust Corporation before taking on the role of co-CEO focusing on Asset and Wealth Management. Effective on November 1, 2022, Mr. Hagedorn will assume the role of President of the company and focus on the asset and wealth management of the company. Before joining ATRAM Trust, Mr. Hagedorn was the Investment Director for Equities of Maybank ATRKE Capital – Trust. He previously served as Director and Vice President at ATR KimEng Securities, the equity brokerage firm of the ATR KimEng Group. Prior to this, he was Vice President, Director, and Head of Sales at Anscor Hagedorn Securities, a local securities brokerage firm.


Deanno Basas

Chief Executive Officer, ATRAM Digital

Mr. Basas, has over 26 years of experience in treasury trading and asset management. He was the Trust Officer of Maybank ATR Kim Eng Capital Partners, Inc. and subsequently the President of its spun-off trust business which became ATRAM Trust Corporation. Effective November 1, 2022, Mr. Basas step-down as president of ATRAM Trust to focus on building the digital business of the company. Prior to joining ATRAM, he held the positions of Head of Interest Rate Derivatives Trading at ING Bank Manila, Head of Money Market and Interest Rates Trading at Wachovia Bank Hong Kong, and Deputy CIO and Fixed Income Fund Manager at ING Investment Management Philippines. Mr. Basas is a member of the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines and serves as a member of its Board of Senior Advisors.

Janine Sugay

Chief Governance Officer, ATRAM Group

Janine V. Sugay is the Chief Governance Officer and a Director of ATR Asset Management, Inc. She served as President of ATRAM from 2017-2020. Moreover, she has been a director of the following funds, ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund, Inc. ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund, Inc., ATRAM AsiaPlus Equity Fund., Inc., ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund, Inc., ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund, Inc., ATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund, Inc. and ATRAM Unicapital Diversified Growth Fund, Inc from 2018-2019. She also served as the Assistant Corporate Secretary of ATRAM, ATR KimEng AMG Holdings, Inc. from 2015-2018 and Seedbox Technologies, Inc., BHF Partners Holding, Inc. (Phils.), and ATRAM Trust Corporation from 2015 -2017. She previously held various posts at MATRKE Capital – Trust Department which includes Head of Strategic Business & Analytics, Head of Risk Management and Compliance and Head of Product Development. Ms. Sugay has over 25 years of work experience in asset management, of which almost 12 years were with ING Bank N.V. Manila Branch (Trust Department). She was part of the Funds Business Team as a product development officer and was later on appointed as Head of Product Development and Marketing Support. She graduated top of her class at the One-Year Course on Trust Operations and Investment Management conducted by the TIFP (then called Philippine Trust Institute). She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University.